Trading Wisdom

Trading Wisdom

50 lessons every trader should know

By Cheds

This book can be described as 1/3 trading psychology, 1/3 risk management and 1/3 technical analysis. My early days of trading were filled with frustration, confusion and constant losses. After making some of the same mistakes over and over again I began to adapt and learned a few tricks to minimize my losses.

As I began passing these tricks on to my fellow traders through my twitter account and blog ( it launched me on a path of learning and teaching. With enough time that path led to dedicated studies of Japanese candlesticks and classical charting, and ultimately CMT certification. My career and brand have been built on “helping new traders avoid my old mistakes”, and this book is a natural extension of those efforts. This book is also a natural extension of my “Complete Beginners Guide to Trading” that I wrote back in 2017 when I was undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma. I subsequently beat my cancer and wrote a book about that experience, and have since continued to grow in my journey as a trader and teacher.

Building on my years of work with my twitter account, learning blog and various other writings on trading subjects, I am happy to now bring together in one place all those bits and pieces that have helped to make me a successful trader. I have personally made every single mistake mentioned in this book multiple times and therefore can speak from the heart, which I hope makes each lesson a little bit easier to learn. Thank you for reading and best of luck in your trading journey.

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