The Secret Mindset

This channel explores my discoveries and perspectives on various topics related to Forex and stock trading.

I’m no trading guru and I don’t hold a secret key to the financial markets. I’m a trader… just like you. I’ve discovered my “sweet spot” in trading and I’m aiming to help you find yours.

I want to offer you VALUE, trading guides, and strategies that actually work. The secret mindset that will help you become a successful trader.

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I Decoded The Stop Loss Hunting Algorithm In Trading My experience with stop loss hunting, liquidity clear-outs, and market makers’ manipulation. In this video you’ll discover: • What is stop loss hunting and what are liquidity clear-outs (used by market makers and smart money) • How to avoid stop loss hunting in any financial market • How to anticipate stop loss hunting techniques • How to make money day trading and swing trading by understanding liquidity trading (on different trading platforms: Tradestation, Thinkorswim, Webull, Metatrader 4 etc) • The truth about smart money manipulation
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