Intelligence Dashboard

The ultimate tool for

Explosive Trading Profits

Number of global crypto traders

0 million

Become part of the top 0.01% of these traders

For High leverage crypto traders

Finding maximum profit trades

Our intelligence dashboard will show you what trades to take and which ones to avoid by calculating real-time data from open interest, order books, liquidations, and funding rates to set you up for massive gains.

Real time Market data


Actionable Insights


Risk Managament


Projects with the highest potential returns


Risk Management


Find Winning Trades


Maximizing profit


A dream for every leverage trader

We traders don't want to spend a lot of time finding the most profitable trades, so we are developing this dashboard to show you up to-date the best trades to take

Don't miss out!

The price of the final dashboard will be $2,400 when it will be released


Actionable insights for maximum profits

All information you would need to put your attention only to the most profitable trades

Open Interest


Order Flow


Funding Rates


Liquidation Data


Limited Time

Bonus Offer

Pre-order your trader's dashboard today, and you'll receive two special bonuses.


Bonus 1

Access to our Interactive Leverage Directory

Instantly find the leverage level for any given token on all major exchange

Bonus 2

Lifetime Access to the ShadowMaster Indicator

Our personal winning Trading View Indicator for consistent profitable trades

These two bonuses ......

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind the many hours of research and development that went into building this intelligence dashboard and the value that it will provide to you. If you don't 't see at least a 10x value from your purchase price, we are more than happy to offer you a full 100% refund.

The price of the final dashboard will be $2,400 / year when it will be released

Frequently asked questions

Bonus Offer 1
Access to our Leverage token tool, that will help you find any token on all major exchanges and their leverage amount 
Bonus Offer 2
Lifetime Access to our ShadowMaster Indicator.  

The beta version of our dashboard will launch around September 1st, 2023. At that time we will charge $2400 per year.

The dashboard can be used by any trader who needs extra intelligent insights.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the benefits our dashboard is providing you we will 100% refund your purchase price. No questions asked. Just send an email to [email protected]

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